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Mortgage Advice

Mortgage products and lending criteria change daily and it is very difficult to get the right deal without help from an expert.


We work with experienced independent advisers who will scour the entire financial marketplace to find the mortgage that suits you best.



It pays to be prepared


We recommend meeting our advisers for a free initial mortgage appraisal when you first start thinking about moving home.

Contact us and we will arrange an appointment at a time and location that’s convenient. If you have found a property already – with Sorbys or another agent – we can still offer the best financial guidance and access to products.



Qualifying your offer


Before we erect a sold board outside a Sorbys property, we try to iron out any issues and ensure buyers have the necessary funding in place.

Based on the information you provide, your adviser will produce a document called an ‘Agreement in Principle’ or ‘Decision in Principle’ that is accepted by estate agents as proof that a mortgage can be obtained. Make sure you have this to hand when you make your offer.

If the financial side of buying a house is proving confusing, we’ll do what we can to help. To find out more about our independent advisers, give us a call on (01226) 799000 or email